Designing Writing Courses for Transfer of Writing Knowledge and Practice (Institute)

Designing Writing Courses for Transfer of Writing Knowledge and Practice:
The Research on Transfer, the Teaching for Transfer (TFT) Curriculum, and Curriculum Design

Council of WPA 2016 Pre-Conference Institute | Thursday, July 14, 2016 | 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


How to design writing courses–basic writing, first-year composition, upper-level courses, and courses in the major–supporting transfer of writing knowledge and practice has garnered considerable attention, with scholars researching it and designing courses to facilitate it. Carrying this work forward, this institute on transfer has two goals: (1) acquainting participants with the research on transfer; and (2) assisting them to design writing courses using the Teaching for Transfer (TFT) curricular design as articulated in Writing across Contexts and as expanded ( and as appropriate for their campus and student population(s).


Institute Leaders’ Bios

Davis.Head ShotMatthew Davis is an Assistant Professor of English at University of Massachusetts Boston, where he directs the Professional Writing and First Year Composition Tutoring programs. His published work includes several book chapters in addition to articles appearing in enculturationComputers and Composition, and South Atlantic Review.


Robertson.Head ShotLiane Robertson is Assistant Professor at William Paterson University of New Jersey. Her current research explores writing transfer across multi-institutional contexts, especially the role of particular content in writing curricula. Her recent work is featured in Writing Across Contexts: Transfer, Composition, and Sites of Writing and Naming What We Know: Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies. 


Workman.Head ShotErin Workman is a PhD candidate at Florida State University, where she also serves as assistant director of the College Composition Program. Her research focuses on the role of visual mapping assignments in supporting students’ transfer of writing knowledge and practices.


Yancey.Head Shot

Kathleen Blake Yancey, a past president of CWPA, is Kellogg W. Hunt Professor of English and Distinguished Research Professor at Florida State University. Immediate Past Editor of College Composition and Communication, she has authored/co-authored over 90 articles and chapters and authored/edited/co-edited thirteen scholarly books–including Reflection in the Writing Classroom.