Recess Activities

CWPA “Recess” was initiated at CWPA 2015 in Boise, and we’re continuing this new tradition in Raleigh. Recess will be Friday, July 15, 4:45-6:30 PM.

Contemporary Museum of Art Raleigh (Led by Krystin Gollihue & Gwendolynn Reid)

Come think about art, design, architecture, and culture at Raleigh’s CAM Museum, a dynamic space that is sure to get you thinking about material rhetorics, multimodal composition, critical making, and thinking with things. July’s featured exhibit will be Martin(e) Gutierrez’s timely “We & Them & Me,” a collection of multimedia work interrogating gender, sexuality, and identity.  We will meet outside the front entrance of the Sheraton and walk the approximately six blocks to the museum together. 409 W Martin Street. Admission $5.

Beer & Chocolate: Visit to Videri Chocolate Factory & Crank Arm Brewery in the Warehouse District (Led by Kendra Andrews & Chen Chen)

For a sensory rhetorical experience, visit the Videri Chocolate Factory to witness the magical process of chocolate making firsthand in a historic Raleigh Depot building and the Crank Arm Brewery for local craft beer just next door. This is a space for you to ponder on invention and delivery while you enjoy the patio at the chocolate factory, or taste the fine cacao in Crank Arm’s Holy Spokes Smoke Porter. If you have time, walk across the street to Boxcar Barcade for vintage video games and skeeball. We will meet outside the front entrance of the Sheraton and walk the approximately five blocks to the Warehouse District together. Videri, 327 W. Davie Street; Crank Arm, 319 W. Davie Street.

Shopping Local: Visit to Stitch and local boutique shops (Led by Meridith Reed & Dana Gierdowski)

Join us for a walk to some of downtown Raleigh’s best boutiques. Our first stop is Stitch, where NCSU alum Holly Aiken designs quality, original bags and accessories. Choose from bags in her boutique, or design a custom bag right in the shop. We’ll then head to Moon and Lola, a  jewelry and gift boutique that has been featured by Oprah, in The New York Times, Vogue, and many others. Designer Kelly Shatat creates and carries customizable jewelry for men and women, as well as household items. Stop by other shops in the area that are unique to Raleigh, including Feelzgood, an eco-conscious company that makes flip flops and shoes from natural, recyclable rubber, and Deco, a quirky shop selling household goods, gifts, and clothing that show off Raleigh’s unique, local culture. We’ll meet outside the front entrance of the Sheraton and walk the approximately six blocks to Stitch together. Stitch, 20 E Hargett St; Moon and Lola, 208 S Wilmington St; Feelgoodz, 206 S Wilmington St; Deco Raleigh, 19 W Hargett Street.

Downtown Raleigh Self-Guided Walking Tour. Go to for a map and detailed info on ten stops along some of downtown Raleigh’s most popular and historical sites. The walk takes about one hour and covers approximately two miles. The tour map begins at the Raleigh Convention Center, and shops and restaurants are along the way.

Affirming LGBTQIA Campus Members Workshop (Facilitated by Collie Fulford and Jessie L. Moore; Hannover I) Join us to discuss strategies and share resources for affirming LGBTQIA campus members in and beyond the classroom.