About CWPA

Carolinas WPA was formed in 2003 to encourage communication among community colleges, colleges, and universities, public and private, in North Carolina and South Carolina. Members represent a variety of writing programs, including writing centers, writing across the curriculum programs, first-year writing programs, professional writing programs, and so forth. Carolinas WPA enables regional writing program administrators and teachers to share concerns and issues related to writing instruction and to the administration of writing programs. The organization also provides a support system among North Carolina and South Carolina Schools.


The Carolinas WPA founding board members were Marsha Lee Baker, Don Bushman, Dee James, Meg Morgan, Paula Rosinski, and Tim Peeples.


Carolinas WPA Organization Goals:

  • To reach out and to bring together teachers from diverse campuses.
  • To acknowledge the work of WPAs and writing teachers.
  • To articulate a more complex and clear view of what constitutes the teaching of writing.
  • To discuss policies that affect all teachers of writing and administrators of writing programs, including admissions, transfer, curricular, and hiring policies.


Carolinas WPA welcomes new members to join us in this work! See below for testimonials, one from founding members Dee James (UNC Asheville) and Nancy Barendse (Charleston Southern University) and another from recent first-time fall conference attendees Margaret Chapman (Elon University) and Shawn Bowers (Queens University of Charlotte):




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