Advanced Reading for Meeting in the Middle

We look forward to seeing many of you on Friday, February 19th, for Meeting in the Middle. To prepare for the morning session on Supporting ESL Writers: Dispelling Myths, Developing Strategies, we recommend reading the following:

CCCC Statement on Second Language Writing and Writers

Friedrich, Patricia. “Assessing the Needs of Linguistically Diverse First-Year Students: Bringing Together and Telling Apart International ESL, Resident ESL and Monolingual Basic Writers.” WPA: Writing Program Administration 30.1-2 (Fall 2006): 15-35.

Shuck, Gail. “Combating Monolingualism: A Novice Administrator’s Challenge.”WPA: Writing Program Administration 30.1-2 (Fall 2006): 59-82.

Please print these texts – or download an electronic copy – to bring with you to Charlotte. We hope you will find time to read one or more before the morning session.

Supporting ESL Writers & Showcasing Writing Programs

Carolinas WPA Meeting in the Middle

Friday, February 19

Charlotte Uptown Center

Charlotte, NC


Theme:  Supporting ESL Writers & Showcasing Writing Programs

As writing programs throughout the Carolinas welcome growing numbers of ESL students, Writing Program Administers (WPAs) seeking strategies for supporting this student group can learn from the flourishing field of second language writing. Our 2010 morning session features local scholars who have had active leadership roles in the CCCC Committee on Second Language Writing and the TESOL Second Language Writing Interest Section. In addition to sharing the recently revised CCCC Statement on Second Language Writing and Writers, the speakers will share strategies for supporting ESL students in writing programs ranging from writing centers to first-year writing programs at R1 institutions to WAC programs in private universities.

The theme for our afternoon session also responds to current issues faced by WPAs and composition instructors. As budget constraints continue to have an impact on writing programs and writing instruction, students and faculty are finding it prudent to highlight more of what we already do well.  During the afternoon, participants are invited to present posters as a way to display and explain our successes, both for each other and, after the Meeting in the Middle ends, for promotional purposes within our own institutions.  Please see the “Request for proposals” below for more information.

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Meeting in the Middle (February 13, 2009)

The Third Annual CWPA “Meeting in the Middle” will be held Friday, February 13, 2009, from 9:30 to 4:30 at the UNC-Charlotte Up Town Center, in Charlotte, NC. This year’s meeting will focus on “Writing Courses Online: Dare we go there?” Our morning session will feature a panel, comprised of colleagues who have varying degrees of experience teaching and researching online writing courses, to lead us in a discussion of the complexities of online writing instruction, while our afternoon session will feature several hands-on demonstrations of activities and assignments that can be used in online writing environments.

Visit the conferences page for more details.