Board Member Profile: Kevin Brock

Kevin-BrockKevin Brock



Ph.D., North Carolina State University


Dr. Kevin Brock currently serves on the CarolinasWPA Board as the At-Large South Carolina Representative. New to the Board, Kevin has been in contact with the organization from several stances – as a NTT lecturer, graduate student, and now as a TT assistant professor. It is his goal to promote the CarolinasWPA mission of communication both among different institutions and among the different roles/groups within those institutions, particularly in South Carolina. Kevin hopes to continue to build on what his colleagues have worked to create, believing that CarolinasWPA and the WPAs, instructors, and graduate students of South Carolina schools have much to offer one another.


Kevin is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of South Carolina. Kevin’s primary research interest is studying software programming as a form of rhetorical communication. He studies the activity of programming, the code texts that activity produces, and how rhetoricians can help inform programming-related pedagogy by approaching it as a composing practice. In conjunction with this, Kevin also looks to how software developers can help us understand what programming shares and does not share with other kinds of composing practices.


“There’s a lot to love about composition and its various overlapping fields,” says Kevin.


In addition to his book project that explores the rhetorical nature of software development, Kevin is currently interested in digital rhetoric, multimodal composition, technical communication, professional writing, and writing program administration