Board Member Profile: Robin Snead



North Carolina State Univeristy; PhD.

Dr. Robin Snead currently serves as an At-Large CarolinasWPA board member in North Carolina. New to the organization, Robin says that given the current attitudes toward higher education, she hope to have CarolinasWPA advocate more publically for the importance of the group’s work. “What I most appreciate about the CarolinasWPA is the openness and collegiality I have found as a member, and I would like to see our reach extended to individuals from colleges and universities that are not currently represented,” says Robin.


Outside of CarolinasWPA, Robin works as a lecturer at the University of North Carolina, Pembroke. She is also conducting research on a project centered on multimodal composition, looking beyond first-year composition courses and genres of disciplinary writing, to the less-explored multimodality across academic disciplines. Robin and three of her colleagues have an article forthcoming in Across the Disciplines that reports and comments on survey results they’ve gathered on this topic. Robin is also interested in the intersection between writers and the technologies they use to compose, and how the interaction between writers and technologies affect composing processes.