Call for Carolinas WPA Board Nominations

Carolinas WPA Call for Nominations

President-Elect and Executive Board At-Large Representatives for SC and NC

The Executive Board of Carolinas Writing Program Administrators invites nominations for three positions: 1) President-Elect, 2) At-Large South Carolina Representative, and 3) At-Large North Carolina Representative.


The Carolinas WPA serves as an affiliate of the Council of Writing Program Administrators. All Executive Board members should be members of both the Council of Writing Program Administrators and the Carolinas WPA (or be willing to obtain such memberships upon election to the board).


Nomination Process

Review the open positions below. You may nominate yourself or someone else with their permission. Those elected are expected to attend our upcoming February “Meeting in the Middle” at UNC-Charlotte and the annual fall conference.


This nomination requires the nominee’s name, role at their institution (assistant professor, doctoral student, etc.), their institutional affiliation, the role for which they are nominated, and a brief biographical statement from the nominee to be included on the ballot.


  • Nominations close October 28.
  • Online ballots will be available October 31.
  • Voting will end November 14.


The Executive Board will announce the new board members and their respective positions after the votes have been verified.


Nomination form

Open Positions

1. President-Elect

This person will serve a term of two years in this role: January 1, 2019–January 1, 2021, and is expected to move into the President role upon completing a term as President-Elect.

The President-Elect is responsible for organizing the Meeting in the Middle (working with the host institution, developing the theme, inviting speaker/s, food, program, etc.) in collaboration with the President. Second, the President-Elect works directly with the President to encourage a Carolinas WPA presence at other conferences (such as CCCC, CWPA, TYCA, NCETA, SAMLA and/or NCEI). The President-Elect also helps in other capacities like contributing to the Annual Fall Conference each year.


2. At-Large Position: South Carolina Representative

This person will serve a term of two years in this role: January 1, 2019–January 1, 2021.


3. At-Large Position: North Carolina Representative

This person will serve a term of two years in this role: January 1, 2019–January 1, 2021.


At-Large positions on the board serve multiple purposes. One is to ensure representation from both states (NC/SC). Another is to conduct outreach within the representative state to recruit other members from NC/SC and community colleges. At-Large positions help to organize both the Meeting in the Middle and the Annual Fall Retreat. At-Large positions are responsible for managing or otherwise putting together panels for conferences like SAMLA, TYCA, NCETA and/or NCEI. They may contribute in other ways as initiatives arise.


Nomination form


Please recall that only active Carolinas WPA members can vote! To renew your annual membership prior to voting, you can visit the Carolinas WPA website. The cost of annual membership is just $20.00 for tenure track faculty and $10.00 for all other positions.