Past Conferences

Below is information on past conferences of the Carolinas Writing Program Administrators.

Fall conferences

Unless otherwise noted, all of the following fall conferences took place at the Wildacres Retreat Center in Little Switzerland, NC.

  • 2018. No fall conference was held this year, owing to the dangers posed by Hurricane Florence.
  • 2017. “Communities and Contact Zones: Doing Justice” (14th Annual Fall Conference), September 18-20, 2017: CFP and schedule
  • 2016. “Taking Action in the Carolinas” (13th Annual Fall Conference), September 12-14, 2016: CFP and schedule
  • 2015. “Labor and Working Conditions” (12th Annual Fall Conference), September 14-16, 2015: CFP and schedule
  • 2014. “Publishing What We Do: The WPA as Researcher” (11th Annual Fall Conference), September 15-17, 2014: CFP and schedule
  • 2013. “Making Connections: The WPA as Worker, Writer, and Scholar” (10th Annual Fall Conference), September 16-18, 2013: CFP and schedule
  • 2012. “Tapping Institutional Priorities” (9th Annual Fall Conference), September 17-19, 2012: schedule
  • 2011. “Grants: Finding and Applying for Funding Opportunities” (8th Annual Fall Conference), September 19-21, 2011: CFP and schedule
  • 2010. “Writing Program Assessment: Accountability and Enrichment” (7th Annual Fall Conference), September 2010: CFP and schedule
  • 2009. “Writing Research and Program Preservation in Tight Financial Times” (6th Annual Fall Conference), September 21-23, 2009: CFP and schedule
  • 2008. “The Future of Writing Programs: The Next 10 Years” (5th Annual Fall Conference), September 22-24, 2008: CFP and schedule
  • 2007. “Writing Research: Sharing What We Know” (4th Annual Fall Conference), September 24-26, 2007: CFP
  • 2006. “Writing Beyond the First Year” (3rd Annual Fall Conference), September 25-27, 2006: CFP
  • 2005. (Note: the 2005 Fall Conference was held at the NC Baptist Assembly in Oak Island, NC.) “The Missions of Composition” (2nd Annual Fall Conference), September 19-21, 2005: CFP
  • 2004. “Constructing a Professional/Community Life” (1st Annual Fall Conference), September 27-29, 2004: CFP

Spring conferences (“Meeting in the Middle”)

Unless otherwise noted, all of the following one-day spring conferences took place at the UNC-Charlotte Center City Building in Charlotte, NC.

  • 2019. “Reflection and Celebration: Looking Back, Moving Forward,” February 8, 2019: CFP and schedule to be posted soon
  • 2018. “2020 Vision: Building Connections and Coalitions across Campuses,” February 16, 2018: CFP and schedule
  • 2017. “Advocacy in Classrooms, Programs, Research and Beyond,” February 17, 2017: CFP and schedule
  • 2016. “Working out of Bounds: Successes and Failures in WPA Work,” February 12, 2016: CFP
  • 2015. “WPAs as Responders,” February 15, 2015: CFP and schedule
  • 2014. “Working Conditions and Writing Instruction,” May 23, 2014 (rescheduled from the original date, February 14, 2014, due to inclement weather): CFP and schedule
  • 2013. “Advocacy in Composition Studies,” February 22, 2013: CFP and schedule
  • 2012. “Professional Development in First-Year Writing Instruction,” February 24, 2012: schedule
  • 2011. “The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning,” February 18, 2011: CFP and schedule
  • 2010. “Supporting ESL Writers and Showcasing Writing Programs,” February 19, 2010: CFP and schedule
  • 2008. (Note: at its inception, this gathering was called the “Meeting in Between”; this meeting was held at the UNC Charlotte Uptown Center.) “The New Processes of Composing: Technology, Multimodality, and Social Networking,” February 22, 2008: CFP